Ways to work with me

Its time to get a little bit more personal!!

I am passionate about property investing and helping others achieve their goals of passive income.

I have created a variety of ways you can work with me, it just depends on your finances and how quickly you want to achieve your goal.

Free Resources

I have a number of free resources you can download, these will help you if you are at the very start of your property journey.

My Book

Get a copy of my book, which covers in detail 6 different property strategies. It will guide you through each stage and has a number of free resources to download.

FPX membership


Monthly masterclasses, guest speakers, weekly Q&As, 121 with me, and the support of a growing property community that exchanges ideas, counsel, and frequently works together are all included in our monthly subscription.


Signature Program


If you want to accelerate your journey you can join our signature program where we offer detailed training, support, guidance and much more. This program is delivered over 12 months and will give you the confidence you need to build your property portfolio.


I Am Here To Help You!

Please understand that I’m not trying to sell you a dream. To build a 7 figure business, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort and learn a wide variety of skills, but it’s worth it!

I had to learn the hard way! Paying tens of thousands out on training courses that lacked detail and having to create a property business with no or very little support.

It made me realise that a lot of times, this prevents people from entering into property investing. You want in-depth education that is property-based over months, not days! 

Ideally led by a someone who has actually gone through the process, continual support, a network of other people with the same likeminded approach to property. 

It’s hard to start the property journey on your own so why not join our family for support.

Ready to take the next step?

At The Female Property Expert , I want to empower you to learn and own financial freedom by dealing in property.

I understand that there are hardworking people out there who face many struggles on a day-to-day basis. That’s why I created a safe and secure platform for you to educate and invest in property and make a real difference to you lives.

I work with a number of people who really need and like the personal touch when creating their property business, with regular support, advice and accountability as they grow from their first property and beyond. This is a very tailored property program and is only accessed on an invite only basis with limited spaces available.

If working with me,  getting 121 support and guidance interests you email me . I'll arrange a call with you to talk through your options